No 1 Vtu Platfrom.


Here at IYIINSTANT our services are completely Fast,
Secure & Automated. We provide 24/7hrs Support to our registered users.

We Are Automated

We use cutting-edge technology to run our services. Our delivery and wallet funding is automated, any service purchased will get delivered to you instantly.

We Are Reliable

Our platform is a fully optimized platform for reliability and dependability. You get 100% value for any transaction you carry with us.

Customer Support

Our customer service is just a click away, don't hesitate to consult us on anything as the system is 90% automated. Thus, all transactions are attended to within 5-15mins.

Why choose Us

Why you should choose us?

IYIINSTANT is a web platform where users can purchase Mobile Data Bundles, VTU Airtime, Pay Electricity Bills, TV Subscription. We have designed our website to accommodate user needs. Providing users of our platform the opportunity to save cost, make fast, secured, efficient and rewarding purchases and bill payments. Our internet/mobile data plans work with all devices including Android, Iphone, Computers, Modems e.t.c. Data can be rollover if you re-subscribe before expiry date of current plan.

Why choose

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    You Are Safe

    Our Data delivery and wallet funding is automated, Airtime topup and data purchase are automated and get delivered to you almost instantly.... .

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    IYIINSTANT allows you to save your money on the website and use it anytime (24/7 services) for any transactions, and if not used, it can be withdrawn.

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    We Are Fast

    Your wallet is the safest means of transacting with your mobile airtime. Your funds in your wallet can be kept as long as you want and it’s secured....


Services we offer for you




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Cable Subscription

nstant Activation of Cable subscription with favourable discount in prices. .


Airtime Topup

making online recharge has become very easy and safe. also any time of the day.


Utility Bills

Start Enjoyin this very low rates utility bill payment for your electricity.


Airtime To Cash

With us, you easily convert your airtime to cash with a friendly token of (20)%. .


Buy Data

Data subscription made quick, cheap and easy to buy at any time of the day.




Active Users.


Years Of Experience.

These site is great. IYIINSTANT is best platform when its come to affordable data plan for both end-user and resseller

Hameed Oduwole Product Designer


I can really say that since I joined this site I have been earning more than before... Kudus To IYIINSTANT . .

Dada Mojeed Graphics Designer


I also love the quick response to issues. We might just get along well. So far so good.

Praise BakareWebsite Designer

Data Bundles

Data Price List


100.0MB ₦55 30
250.0MB ₦75 30days
200.0MB ₦75 30days
500.0MB ₦120 30days
500.0MB ₦127 1month
500.0MB ₦128 30 days
500.0MB ₦130 30days
1.0GB ₦240 7days
1.0GB ₦240 30 days
1.0GB ₦255 30 days
1.0GB ₦256 1month
1.0GB ₦260 30days
2.0GB ₦480 30days
2.0GB ₦510 30 days
2.0GB ₦512 30days
2.0GB ₦520 30days
3.0GB ₦720 1month
3.0GB ₦720 30days
3.0GB ₦765 30 days
3.0GB ₦768 1month
3.0GB ₦780 30days
1.5GB ₦950 30
5.0GB ₦1200 30days
5.0GB ₦1275 30 days
5.0GB ₦1280 30days
5.0GB ₦1300 30days
3.0GB ₦1425 Weekly Plan [Gifting]
6.0GB ₦1440 1month
2.0GB ₦1475 30
4.5GB ₦1900 30
9.0GB ₦2160 1month
6.0GB ₦2375 30days
10.0GB ₦2540 1month
10.0GB ₦2550 1 month
10.0GB ₦2600 30 days
10.0GB ₦2600 30days
12.0GB ₦2880 1month
12.0GB ₦3325 30days
15.0GB ₦3900 1month
20.0GB ₦4750 30 days
20.0GB ₦5200 1month
25.0GB ₦5640 30days
30.0GB ₦7600 HyNetFlex - Monthly
40.0GB ₦10450 30 days
45.0GB ₦10450 HyNetFlex - Monthly
100.0GB ₦17100 HyNetFlex - Monthly
120.0GB ₦19000 2-Month Plan [Gifting]


200.0MB ₦100 14days
500.0MB ₦135 30days
1.0GB ₦270 30days
1.05GB ₦450 30days gifting
2.0GB ₦540 30days
3.0GB ₦810 30days
2.9GB ₦900 30days
5.0GB ₦1350 30days
4.1GB ₦1350 30days
5.8GB ₦1800 30days
7.7GB ₦2250 30days
10.0GB ₦2700 30days
10.0GB ₦2700 30 days
13.25GB ₦3600 30days
18.25GB ₦4500 30days
29.5GB ₦7200 30days
50.0GB ₦9300 30 days
93.0GB ₦13950 30days
119.0GB ₦16740 30days
138.0GB ₦18600 30 days


100.0MB ₦80 7days
50.0MB ₦80 30 days
300.0MB ₦100 30 days
500.0MB ₦140 30days
1.0GB ₦280 30days
750.0MB ₦480 14days
2.0GB ₦560 30days
1.5GB ₦950 1month
2.0GB ₦1140 1month
5.0GB ₦1400 30days
10.0GB ₦2800 30days
15.0GB ₦3750 30 days
10.0GB ₦3750 30days
11.0GB ₦3880 30 days
15.0GB ₦4200 30DAYS
20.0GB ₦5600 30 DAYS
40.0GB ₦9600 30 days


100.0MB ₦50 30days
250.0MB ₦55 30days
500.0MB ₦75 30days
1.0GB ₦150 30days
1.5GB ₦250 30days
2.0GB ₦300 30days
3.0GB ₦450 30days
500.0MB ₦450 30 days{Gifting}
5.0GB ₦750 30days
1.5GB ₦850 30 days{Gifting}
2.0GB ₦1080 30 days{Gifting}
10.0GB ₦1500 30days
11.0GB ₦1650 30days
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